Company profile

In 1996, firstly our company started to operate in iskenderun.
Our company has made a great progress in the construction industry
from the first day and has always been a solution partner for its customers.

Our company has been operating in various regions of turkey,
especially hatay. Industrial constructions in iskenderun-osmaniye
region, school building, hospital and residential constructions
have successfully operating up to now. Our firm is pioneer and
indispensable in this sector and continues on its way with a stable
and ambitious steps.

We are highly proud of increased confidence in our company, by answering their
desires and requests in the completion of the projects we have undertaken and
our success we have demonstrated as a result further increasing our projects
we have developed and growing clientele.

All of our employees are in the consciousness of being a corporate focused customer,
 by ensuring compliance with appropriate standards, projects and specification,
in order to improve our quality, to do quality works.